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Computer replacement

John Sanidopoulos is a prolific Orthodox writer who writes at a suite of blogs, the main one which is the Mystagogy Resource Center.

Unfortunately, a recent storm has damaged the computer he uses for his work to the point where it needs to be replaced, but other circumstances have already made money tight, resulting in him posting that he’s hoping to crowdsource the amount for the new computer. His post going into further detail on the subject can be found here: .

Help the family of Fr. Marius Bărăscu

This story has gotten a fair amount of coverage over at, (such as here).

Fr Marius Bărăscu was a young priest in Romania who died in a car crash the day before his 35th birthday. He leaves behind a wife and four children, ages 1 1/2 to 9. It does seem like the Romanian Church is offering the family some support (including a place to live) but if you feel so inclined, Fr. Bărăscu’s wife’s sister set up a GoFundMe account which can be found here: .

Save James

This is actually somewhat of a national (or maybe even international) story, but I didn’t realize until just now that the family is Orthodox. However, after seeing a couple of pictures, and doing a bit of digging, (including an interview on Russia Today) it seems it is the case.

In any case, the short version of the story is that the parents of young twin boys divorced, and the mother, apparently, got primary custody. In her opinion, one of the boys – James – seems happier as a girl, and so she has been working to have James transition – including surgically – to a girl. James’ dad insists that he only “identifies” as female to please his mother, and when he isn’t around her, he acts like any other 7-year-old boy.

The father, Jeff Younger, is raising funding for legal fees, experts to testify, etc. That site is here:

Furthermore, for anyone in the Dallas, Texas area, the court proceedings are set for October 15-17, and instructions to the courthouse for any supporters can be found at the site .

Jonathan Pageau – Quebec Flooding

Jonathan Pageau is an artist of the Orthodox Church, a woodcarver, and one of the editors at Orthodox Arts Journal. He also produces videos and podcasts about Orthodoxy. His professional site can be found here: His commentary site can be found here:

He and his family live in Quebec, where there has been massive flooding this spring, and his house is one of the thousands which have been flooded. At this point, there has been water in the house for a week; it seems like if they do return to this house, it won’t be until months of recovery.

If you would like to help the Pageau family financially, this is a link to Mr. Pageau’s Paypal site:


More background on the flooding in the area.

Help the Bohn Family with Medical Expenses

Katie Bohn is suffering from blood clots and will need surgery to deal with the issue.  

Read more here –

In search of a kidney

(an announcement from the Eastern American Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.)

Archpriest John Moses, cleric of Holy Myrrhbearers Church in Harrisonburg, VA and one-time rector of All Saints of North America Church in Middlebrook, VA, has received a critical medical prognosis. As he reported recently, he will be in need of a kidney transplant. His doctor believes that this is a necessary measure in order to avoid dialysis.

Most critically, Fr. John asks for everyone’s prayers. If someone is willing to consider donation, Fr. John is in the B group. He has more information on what potential compatibility, and can be contacted by e-mail at

(Although this is a slight deviation from my normal posts here, I still think it fits into the spirit of the blog.)

“Camp Fire” Relief Fund

From the Orthodox Church of America’s Diocese of the West is a message from the priest of St. Cyril and Methodius Orthodox Church in Chico, California:

By now many of you have heard of the “Camp Fire” which has been raging here in Northern California. This fire has now become the deadliest and most devastating wildfire in California history. As of this writing, the death toll is at 71 and is bound to rise considering the number of missing persons. The fire has burnt 146,000 acres, it is currently 50% contained [ed. note – item was published 16 November 2018]. So far 9,844 residences, 336 commercial, 2,067 other buildings have also been destroyed. Sts. Cyril and Methodius Orthodox Mission, here in Chico, is only 15 minutes from the town of Paradise, the town which has been completely devastated by this fire. The two towns of Chico and Paradise are closely intertwined, as many people live in Paradise and work in Chico.

Along with thousands of other people, five of our own parishioners have lost their homes as well. Most importantly, we are thankful to God that they all made it out alive! Their stories are harrowing! Many of them drove through flames while evacuating. The fire advanced very quickly and they received no advanced warning from any official source, and fled their homes with very little! We are glad that they are safe and being taken care of by friends, relatives, and fellow parishioners, but they are now left with the task of having to rebuild their lives.

We look forward to helping our parishioners and others within our local community get back on their feet. It will be a long road, but we know that tragedy also has the capacity to bring us closer together and remind us of what is truly important: our unity in Christ and our love for our neighbor. We are setting up a “fire relief” fund to help our parishioners and others affected. We appreciate your prayers and donations to those suffering in our community.

Donations may be sent to:

So. Cyril and Methodius Orthodox Church
2956 Cohasset Rd
Chico, California 95973-0921

Furthermore, a PayPal link has been added to the front of the Church’s website for those who would like to donate over the internet.

Dr. John and Kristen Coatney – Hands Outstretched – Missionaries to Ethiopia

Dr. John and Kristen Coatney are planning to serve as long-term missionaries to Ethiopia, with John mentoring veterinary graduate students in Tropical Animal Diseases and Food Safety and Zoonoses, as well as building up the research program, focused on infectious/zoonotic diseases, at the veterinary school at Mekelle University in northern Ethiopia, as well as serving by working with faculty at the seminary to grow their curricula in the areas of biblical languages, exegesis, and patristics at St. Frumentius Ethiopian Orthodox Seminary

The Coatneys are working through a non-profit organization called Christian Veterinarian Mission, a 501(c)3 (non-profit) organization, and donations may be tax-deductible, according to your tax situation.

Read more:

The Coatneys’ blog (with prayer requests) can also be found here:

Preemie Bioethics Speaking Trip!

Eric Ruthford is the parent of a child who was born very prematurely. His blog, They Don’t Cry is about issues facing parents of premature babies. He has been invited to speak at the Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine Psychology and Religion conference in November 2016, and has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover travel costs.

Read more here:

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