“Oh, if I had known…”

One of the greatest challenges of fundraisers of any type is publicizing a need.

With the advent of websites that can publicize personal causes, it makes it much easier to “spread the word” about people who really can use a helping hand in dire straits. Within the Christian community, we ought to be giving to charitable organizations and to churches, but we ought not to forget that sometimes charity involves seeing a neighbor in need and pitching in. The Orthodox Christian community in the United States is comprised of less than 1% of the United States citizens. And while I am not suggesting that we turn a blind eye to others, helping our own community is something we ought to be doing as well, which is where this website comes in.

I cannot vouch for the authenticity of every story & should you be moved to donate, I cannot stress enough that due diligence ought to be taken when contributing to charity (online or off). That being said, I will attempt not to post anything that is obviously fishy.

If there is a cause you would like me to look into, please contact me through this blog’s Contact Page.